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Terms & Conditions:

-Renter/Charterer must be 21 or older.  All passengers must be over 18 years of age or accompanied by a parent.

-Renter/Charterer/Passengers shall indemnify and hold CSC harmless for any loss or injury suffered by Renter/Charterer or any member of his party.

-Cruises depart and return to Burnham Harbor. Alternate pickup/drop off locations are at additional cost and not guaranteed. NO PICK-UPS AT NAVY PIER 

-Charters begin at the reserved time. Arrive 10 minutes early to board and receive safety instructions. No additional time will be granted if you are late.

-No pets.

-No children under 5.

-No smoking on the boat.

-All food and beverages are to be ready to eat. (No food or drink preparation allowed on board)

-No individual glass beverage bottles, cans or plastic cups please. (wine/champagne bottles are allowed).

-Any major spills and stains from result of illness or carelessness will be charged $200 for the cost of cleaning and sanitizing.

-Per USCG regulations. No Cannibals or THC products are allowed on board.

-Charter will follow all rules, regulations, guidelines, policies, and procedures set by the USCG and the Chicago HarborsThe Captain at their own discretion can terminate any cruise due to any passenger’s unlawful, unruly, dangerous and unsafe behavior without any consideration of trip remaining and no refunds will be granted. CSC assumes no liability for cancellations due to above conditions.


-Payments are refundable prior to 7 days before minus 3% processing fee. Within 7 days of the charter refunds are forfeited unless canceled due to:  A "Small craft advisory" issued, severe storms foretasted at time of charter or mechanical breakdown. If any of these conditions are met we will first attempt to delay departure for up to 1 hour. If conditions do not improve you will be offered another date or refund of any payments minus 3% processing fee. Cancellation determination will be decided 1 to 3 hours  before scheduled departure. You will only receive a call/text if charter will be delayed or canceled. We do not cancel due to temperature, cloud cover or light rain.

After Boarding if for safety reasons we must return to the dock, refunds will be prorated based on the amount of trip not completed at the time of return to the dock.


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